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Our Mission Statement: "Building Effective On-Line Advertising and Marketing Solutions"

* A Web Page listing is individually designed to effectively promote a business on line
* You get quick access to potential customers, locally and from around the world
* Save with our budget friendly Premier or Platinum advertising packages
* Get Measured Results, Direct Response, 24/7 Exposure, and e-Commerce
* It’s easy to create and self-manage a Web Page listing with our on-line tools
* Great savings, no charge referrals to your main web site and reservation page
* Highlight your business listing under multiple categories (based on services offered)
* Your location is referenced under the appropriate cities/towns/villages/region
* Travellers can post and read Visitors Reviews, creating customer confidence
* Extensive use of Google map referral links plus Google translation and GPs
* No service charges for updates or for our assistance, we are here to help
* We can create and post your web page free of charge, just let us know
* We offer years of experience and knowledge that is extend to all our members

About Web Page Impressions

Definition: the number of impressions of an Web Page is determined by the number of times an it is viewed by a visitor, or displayed on a web page. The benefit is that repeated viewing of an Wweb Page and any marketing material increases click through's, name branding and customer awareness.

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Link to your main web site

As part of your advertising package we will provide a link to your main web site at no extra charge. Your hard earned funds were used to design your main web site and should be readily accessible. For those who do not have a web site we can provide a permanent web page listing at our regular rates. Other sites provide limited web page space "we do not do that" you can post as much information as you like, encouraging customers to contact you. 

Our E-Mail Policies

You consent to receive by e-mail information about your listing that includes but not limited to updates, renewals and notices relating to your business.

Increased Referrals .. Free category listings 

Your business may provide a variety of services such as Bed Breakfast, Cottages, Lodges, Vacation Rental, Inns, Hotels, Spas, Farm Stays, Fishing, Whale Watching just to mention a few. To increase your exposure on AmericanBedBreakfast.com you have the option to be listed under more than one relevant category. We do not charge extra for this service where other hosting companies usually charge a fee. 

We can do the work for you .. no charge for tech support

Contact us you if prefer not to use the on-line sign-up tutorial, renewal & update form or require assistance. "Just let us know, we do not charge for tech support" Your business is important!

How to update yourWeb Page listing

To make changes or updates click on the secure "Advertiser Login" located at the bottom of your listing. We are here to help there is no charge for our assistance or posting updates. If you have more that one listing with us any changes made are applied automatically to all the listings.

"Reviews".. post or read a review

Travelers from around the world will read what your visitor’s have to say. Reviews generate bookings, build customer confidence, and encourage repeat business. Be sure to remind your visitor’s they can now go on-line and submit a review right from your advertised listing. You may also submit reviews.

As an advertiser you will receive an e-mail notice where you control the approval or deletion of the review. The review form is automatically set up however it can be made inactive. 

A submitted review must be an accurate refection about the business, there are no personal or business affiliation with the business, and no incentive or payment has been offered to write a review.

(Nash MultiMedia Inc / AmericanBedBreakfast.com does not assume any liability for reviews posted).

 Your business is important 

The proliferation of internet companies trying to sell you advertising makes it difficult to know who to advertise with, and if you will receive the promised referral and bookings. You could even spend hard earned dollars for a listing with them, then they will leave you cold by placing your listing on some non-de-script web project "we aren't interested in that type of business"

Search Engine Recognition

Our domain names are proven to be very powerful in creating recognition with search engines, making it easy for individuals to find us. We have grown to become a preferred source for internet advertising. Each day search engines index hundreds of related web sites "and yet we continue to maintain top position". Our web sites average thousands unique daily visitors. We also count "hits" which helps us to evaluate the overall activity and success of our web sites.

Helpful hints to creating an advertised Web Page listing

  • The description of your business should accurately reflect the services you have to offer
  • Include names, addresses, city, postal code, phone numbers, e-mail, gps etc
  • Use images as they answer a 1000 questions and are very effective in promoting a business
  • For accommodation indicate the type of breakfasts you serve (full, continental, special diets)
  • Style of beds available and any extra charges (queen, king, cot, other)
  • Describe the en-suite facilities and indicate if shared or private
  • Be sure to include all your amenities ie: hot tubs, internet, pool, wireless etc
  • Provide a list of the activities available in your area ie: fishing, golfing, skiing etc
  • If need be it is always helpful to provide driving directions
  • Indicate any restrictions regarding: smoking, children, pets etc
  • Checking in/out times, and cancellation policies
  • Rates: regular, seasonal and extra charges
  • Seasons you are open and accepting bookings
  • Method of payment, type of credit cards, cash etc
  • Associations you are a member in good standing

We value feedback

From the start we have maintained easy-to-navigate and informative web sites providing our visitors quick access to a large selection of accommodations, tourist services, travel resources, community services. We pride ourselves on the feed back we receive from both our advertisers and visitors and in many cases we have adopted their ideas and suggestions. We try to ensure that all browser work well so everyone can view your advertisement without encountering problems. 

What a few of our advertisers have to say about us

.. Hi Thomas: Thank you for the update. The new look is outstanding. Congratulations on such a fine job!  Cheers, Dan Graham .. Mt Baker Lodging Inc

..We would love to be in on this wedding listing, thank you so much! You are our favorite website to advertise with. The service you are providing feels very personal and in tune with what we are looking for. .. Krista & Brad 

.. I'm so sorry for the delay in my response, I had been out of town for the long holiday weekend!  They all look fantastic and I thank you so much for your generosity, courtesy, and the speed in which you were able to post our ad. It has surely been a true pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing a very successful partnership for many years to come. Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime! Best of luck to you Tom! .. Glen

.. Thank you Tom! It looks great....looking forward to a busy season!  Theresa and Scott

.. Many thanks for your kind wishes and your support which is very much appreciated. It is wonderful to have people like you, that makes the difference between business survival and failure at this very difficult time, especially when circumstances present themselves like they have for us at the moment. You can be sure of our support for years to come, as long as we are in a financial position to proceed with the listing membership. Kind regards, Sue & Peter

 .. Hi Tom,Thanks so much for the fast service. It looks great. Have a nice day. Kim
.. Dear Tom, Thank you so much for your assistance, getting me on your various websites! I was very pleased with the look, the wording and the expediency - I wish that all people were as honest and reliable! I look forward to working with you in future! Egle
... Tom - it all looks amazing, you have worked so hard on our behalf and I really take my hat off to you. Thank you from Clare

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AmericanBedBreakfast.com is managed by our company Nash MultiMedia Inc, a Federal and Inter-Provincial registered private Canadian company. Head office in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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